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Harris and Harris Group, Inc. builds transformative companies from disruptive science.

We leverage our core scientific expertise to be FIRST in identifying new technology trends, in accessing high quality science and intellectual property, in building management teams and in executing on early-stage business growth. Our PROVEN team has the unique ability to identify and diligence the network of discoveries that come from understanding science at the intersection of different scientific disciplines, with biology as a focus. This places us at the center of the discoveries impacting some of the most important growth sectors of the economy, permitting us to build TRANSFORMATIVE companies.

BIOLOGY+ is our distinctive approach. We define BIOLOGY+ as investments in interdisciplinary life science companies where biology innovation is intersecting with innovations in areas such as electronics, physics, materials science, chemistry, information technology, engineering and mathematics. We focus on this intersection because we believe interdisciplinary innovation will be required in order to address many of the life science challenges of the future.