Many of the benefits of nanotechnology are enabled by the convergence of historically disparate areas of science that separately are unable yield such benefits. The example below demonstrates how one of our companies, Ensemble Discovery uses chemistry and biology to manipulate and understand chemical production on the nanoscale.

Ensemble Discovery: The Convergence of Chemistry and Biology

Ensemble Discovery, Inc., uses the ability of complementary DNA strands to organize in designed configurations to control precisely how chemical reactions occur. This technique is called DNA-programmed chemistry, and the figure above depicts how this technique works. This use of molecules relevant to biology to control chemical reactions enables the company to design and manufacture compounds that are difficult or impossible to make using standard solution-phase chemistry and is an example of the convergence of these two disciplines of science. The company is focused on the synthesis of a class of molecules called macrocycles, which are known to be a potent class of therapeutic molecules and very difficult to synthesize with large diversity.

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