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Daniel B. Wolfe
Portfolio Manager

Daniel Wolfe has been with 180 Degree Capital Corp. since 2004 in a variety of roles. He currently serves as a Portfolio Manager executing on the investments and investment strategy of the company alongside Kevin Rendino.  

He also serves as President, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Compliance Officer. In these roles, Daniel is responsible for day-to-day management of the operations, finance, legal and compliance functions of 180, as well as being active in the management of the company’s investment portfolio.

Daniel has significant experience in capital formation at all stages of a company’s evolution including sourcing and structuring of private, public and debt financings and identifying and evaluating M&A opportunities. He also established and manages 180’s co-investment fund, H&H Co-Investment Partners, LLC and established and executed 180’s debt investment strategy, designing and structuring the securities through which 180 invested. He is a current and past member of the board of directors of multiple privately held portfolio companies and one publicly traded portfolio company.